Thursday, October 8, 2009

Buster & Lily

I was on a two hour job interview yesterday and another one today. I have a stress headache, I can't sleep and even a drink doesn't sound very good right now. I am all worked up about finding work, no pun intended. I can't even concentrate enough to make a damn grocery list. I have some recipes I want to post on here but first I need to hit the store to get all the ingredients. Maybe I'll go out tomorrow morning.

I was in the yard earlier with the dogs and took a few pictures of them. They look so cute in that green, green grass. Who knew Texas could be as green as Ireland?

This is Buster:

We think he is about 8 or 9 years old. We adopted him in 2003. I like to say he picked us. We went to the shelter to look at a specific dog that we saw online. But when we got there, that dog had already been adopted. So we decided to have a look around anyway. And there he was, looking so sad and shaking in his little crate. It was like an arrow shot straight into my heart. Mike really didn't want a little dog, but I convinced him to take Buster home that day. The kennel in their infinite wisdom had named him Chester. He is no Chester. I think we came up with his name a day later.

Buster's claim to fame is that he was the WOXY internet radio station wonder dog for a couple of years. Mike took him to work and he was a big hit with all the bands, especially the lady singers. I can't remember which artist wanted to take him on the bus with her, but there was one singer who wanted to keep him. Um, no. Step off sister. I don't care if you can play a guiter, no one is going to take B!

This is Lily, aka Lilly Belle, aka Miss Chubbs. She is an old fashioned Kentucky hound dog.

Several of our neighbors have asked me what kind of dog she is. I guess they've not seen the likes of her down here in these parts. She is all hound. She is a basset mix of some sort. I think she has part blood hound in her, but who knows. We adopted her a little over 2 years ago from the animal shelter. She had been in the pound for two weeks when we saw her and she was on borrowed time. One look in those big brown eyes and I was a goner. The kennel had been calling her Bilie Joe - I mean how clichqued is that? A Kentucky hound dog named Billie Joe - I don't think so. We adopted her on the first day of spring, hence the name.

The dogs are doing well and really like Austin so far. They love the fact that deer stroll through the neighborhood. Keeps things lively for them. They've made some dog friends in the neighborhood too.

This little guy is Ranger. He lives next door. He is not too keen on the human neighbors, but he loves Buster and Lily. He runs over to the fence when he sees them and wags his entire body. I would like to have him over sometime for a play date. We'll see. He may give me a nip, he is a bit growly and I keep my distance.

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